When you buy Lauri JWLRY, you get what you pay for. High quality material and craftmanship. Every piece is made of either S925 silver, 24k gold-plated silver, or 18k gold, unless clearly stated otherwise.


Avoid contact with lotions, water, sweat, and other liquids to avoid oxidation and keep your piece shining.

Every order comes with a polishing cloth. With it, you can easily remove oxidation by firmly rubbing it over the surface of your piece. It will turn black, but don’t wash it! The polishing product will wash off and lose its effectiveness.

The best place to store your jewelry when you’re not wearing it, is inside its box.


Our gold-plated jewelry is covered in 10 microns of 24k gold. This layer will unavoidably wear off over time. The time for this to happen is different for every wearer, as factors like acidity of the skin and frequency of wear affect its longevity.

Beware! Gold-plated pieces also come with the cloth, but using it will rub off the gold layer quicker.


We offer repairs services for pieces made by Lauri. E-mail us with a description and pictures of the problem. The price of the repair will be estimated beforehand but may vary.

For gold-plated pieces we offer a re-plating service. The price of this service varies according to the weight of the piece.

Shipping cost to get your piece to and from Lauri for repair are borne by the customer.

For more information you can send an email to