Who is Lauri?

Lauri, a 24-year-old from Antwerp, Belgium, seamlessly merged her studies in nautical sciences with a fervent passion for jewelry. Seeking a creative outlet, she enrolled in evening classes for goldsmithing while balancing full-time studies. Despite the closure of her school and studio due to the Covid outbreak, she persevered, conducting experiments at home with techniques like sandcasting and lost wax.

With unwavering dedication, Lauri refined her craft, resulting in the development of a unique artistic style featuring bold designs adorned with vibrant gemstones. Self-taught in stone-setting, she tailored her techniques to complement her distinctive creations.

Expanding beyond traditional rings and necklaces, Lauri ventured into crafting jewelry for unconventional body parts, such as the nose and face. In 2022, she founded her independent jewelry brand, Lauri JWLRY, a testament to her relentless pursuit of artistic expression. Each piece, crafted by hand in Antwerp, embodies her distinctive style and vision.